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2021 FANG News

  • Lena Komarova's paper is accepted to ApJ Letters: astroph/2109.14691
  • Amit Sawant departs for EPFL, Lausanne Ph.D. program in Mathematics
  • Amit Sawant's paper is accepted to ApJ: astroph/2109.03967
  • Johnny Dorigo Jones departs for University of Colorado Ph.D. program in Astrophysics
  • Lena Komarova advances to candidacy
  • Ash Danehkar's paper is accepted to ApJ: astro-ph/2106.10854
  • Matt Dallas's paper is submitted to ApJ Letters
  • Ash Danehkar presents at ISM 2021, Beirut, virtual
  • Welcome to Grant Phillips, LSA '23
  • Welcome to Rishi Kothari, LSA '23
  • Welcome to Drew Weisserman, LSA '23
  • Ash Danehkar presents at AAS Meeting 237, virtual
  • Welcome to Maria Cuevas for W21

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