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2019 FANG News

  • Welcome to Luke Schwab, LSA '23 via MRADS/UROP
  • Welcome to Lena Komarova, Smith College '19
  • Will Gray's paper is accepted to ApJ: astro-ph/1910.12882
  • Norberto Castro presents FANG results at Stars on the Run II, Potsdam, Germany
  • Summer student Stefano Zazzera visits from University of Glasgow
  • Sally Oey and Ashkbiz Danehkar attend the 2019 GH Workshop, Formation and Evolution of Super Star Clusters, Puebla, Mexico
  • Congratulations to FANG graduate Kevin Paggeot BS '19
  • FANG alum Ryan Keenan BS '17 wins NSF Graduate Fellowship
  • FANG alum Helen Januszewski BS '18 joins the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
  • Sally Oey leads the HST UV Legacy Science Definition Working Group, recommending the 1000-orbit ULLYSES Director's Discretionary program
  • Kevin Paggeot presents at AAS Meeting 233, Seattle, WA
  • Ben Dittenber presents at AAS Meeting 233, Seattle, WA
  • Johnny Dorigo Jones presents at AAS Meeting 233, Seattle, WA
  • Welcome to Dr. Ashkbiz Danehkar, Ph.D. '14 Macquarie University

Ben Dittenber, Stefano Zazzera, Irene Vargas-Salazar, Sally Oey, Johnny Dorigo Jones, Ash Danehkar

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