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2014 FANG News

  • Jesse Golden-Marx's Bright Emissaries paper is available: astro-ph/1411.3185
  • Cole Kushner takes up semester internship at SpaceX
  • Anne Jaskot departs for FCAD Fellowship at Smith College / U. Mass, Amherst
  • Sally Oey presents at Lyman Continuum Leakage and Cosmic Reionization, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jesse Golden-Marx and Sally Oey present at Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics, London, ONT, Canada
  • Anne Jaskot defends thesis on HI Gas Cycles and Lyman Continuum Optical Depth in Low-Redshift Starbursts
  • Anne Jaskot's paper is accepted by ApJ Letters: astro-ph/1406.4413
  • Adham El-Batal participates in the Space Astronomy Summer Program at STScI, Baltimore, working with Cristina Oliveira on STIS calibration
  • Jesse Golden-Marx presents at the 224th AAS Meeting, Boston, MA
  • FANG graduate Joel Lamb, Ph.D. '12 awarded the Ralph Baldwin Prize for best UM thesis in the physical sciences
  • Welcome to Xinyi Chen, LSA '16
  • Anne Jaskot awarded FCAD Fellowship at Smith College / U. Mass and McDonald Fellowship at U. Texas (declined)
  • Anne Jaskot's GH2013 paper is available: astro-ph/1402.4429
  • Sally Oey's GH2013 paper is available: astro-ph/1401.5779
  • Anne Jaskot presents dissertation talk at the 2014 Winter AAS, Washington, DC
  • Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Jesús López-Hernández, INAOE Ph.D. '13

Adham El-Batal, Anne Jaskot, Sally Oey, Jesus Lopez-Hernandez, Jesse Golden-Marx

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