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2020 FANG News

  • Congratulations to Amit Sawant, graduating with an M.S. in Data Science
  • Lena Komarova is awarded a Rackham International Student Fellowship
  • Irene Vargas-Salazar and Johnny Dorigo Jones issue a joint press release
  • Sally Oey presents invited talk at the IAU G2 ULLYSES Kick-off Meeting, on-line
  • Irene Vargas-Salazar's paper is accepted to ApJ: astro-ph/2009.12379
  • Johnny Dorigo Jones' paper is accepted to ApJ: astro-ph/2009.03571
  • Irene Vargas-Salazar passes her oral prelim exam!
  • Welcome to Matt Dallas, LSA '22
  • Johnny Dorigo Jones graduates with Highest Honors and wins the Astronomy Department Research Award!
  • Ben Dittenber's paper is accepted by ApJ Letters: astro-ph/2001.07807
  • Johnny Dorigo Jones presents at AAS Meeting 235, Honolulu, HI
  • Welcome to Amit Sawant, Indian Institute of Technology BSME '19, MSDS '21

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