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The HI environment of three superbubbles in Large Magellanic Cloud

M.S. Oey, B. Groves, L. Staveley-Smith, & R.C. Smith

DEM L50 in H-alpha (image) and HI (contours).

The ambient interstellar environment of wind- and supernova-driven superbubbles strongly affects their evolution, but its properties are rarely well-determined. We have therefore obtained HI aperture synthesis imaging of the environment around three similar, optically-selected superbubble nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The resulting HI maps show that the ambient gas distribution around these superbubbles differ to an extreme: DEM L25 shows no neutral shell component, but is nestled within an HI hole; DEM L50 shows a massive neutral shell component, but is otherwise within an HI void; and DEM L301 shows no correspondence at all between the optical nebula and HI distribution. There is also poor correspondence between the HI and optical kinematics. These results strongly caution against inferring properties of the ambient environment of individual superbubbles without direct observations. Finally, all three objects show some evidence of shock activity.

2002 AJ, 123, 255

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