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Michigan Dark Skies


  • Dwarf galaxies use 10-million-year quiet period to churn out stars / on
  • U-M astronomers suggest radiation, not supernovae, drives superwinds in some galaxies
  • Most isolated massive stars are kicked out of their clusters
  • U-M astronomers confirm collision between two Milky Way satellite galaxies
  • Seeing Stars
  • Classrooms, Telescopes, and the Origins of the Universe
  • Green Pea galaxies could help astronomers understand early universe
  • Clearing the cosmic fog of the early universe
  • Massive stars form in near isolation
  • A ripple in our sea of stars
  • How big do stars get?
  • The double bubble

    Saturday Morning Physics Lecture (2014):
    "Powering Cosmic Processes by Star Light" (video)


    Angell Hall Observatory, SAS open houses

    UM Museum of Natural History, Planetarium

    Detroit Observatory / Open Houses

    Special Collections Library: History of Astronomy

    Divine Sky on-line library exhibit

    Past Public Programs

    The Universe: Yours to Discover
    Winter 2009 LSA Theme Semester

    Astronomy of the 21st Century
    Winter 2009 Series of Distinguished Lecturers

    Scales of the Universe
    Fall 2007 Series of Distinguished Lecturers

    The Invisible Universe: Einstein's Legacy
    Fall 2005 Series of Distinguished Lecturers

    Some Vintage Fun Stuff

  • Debra Shepherd's quilt of G34.26+0.15.

  • Lowell Observatory Navajo/Hopi Teacher Partnership Program

  • University of Arizona Astronomy Camp

  • The ABC's of Astronomy!

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