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The Size Distribution of Superbubbles in the Interstellar Medium

M.S. Oey & C.J. Clarke

(This is a user-friendly summary of Oey & Clarke 1997 , plus N(v) derivation.)

We use the standard, adiabatic shell evolution to predict the size distribution N(R) for populations of SN-driven superbubbles in a uniform ISM. We derive N(R) for simple cases of superbubble creation rate and mechanical luminosity function. We then compare our predictions for N(R) with the largely complete H I hole catalogue for the SMC, with a view toward the global structure of the ISM in that galaxy. We also present a preliminary derivation for N(v), the distribution of shell expansion velocities.

1998, in "Interstellar Turbulence," eds. J. Franco & A. Carraminana, Cambridge U. Press, in press

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