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Superbubbles in the Magellanic Clouds (Review)

M.S. Oey

Superbubbles that result from the stellar winds and supernovae of OB associations probably play a fundamental role in the structure and energetics of the ISM in star-forming galaxies. Their influence may also dominate the relationship between the different interstellar gas phases. How do superbubbles form and evolve? How do they affect the local and global ISM? The Magellanic Clouds provide a superior opportunity to study this shell-forming activity, since both stellar content and gaseous structure can be examined in detail. Here, the results of recent studies of superbubbles in the Magellanic Clouds are reviewed.

1998, in New Views of the Magellanic Clouds, IAU Symp 190, eds. Y.-H. Chu, N. Suntzeff, J. Hesser, & D. Bohlender, (San Francisco: ASP), 78.

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