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Two New Supernova Remnants in OB Associations in the Large Magellanic Cloud

R.C. Smith, Y-H. Chu, M-M. Mac Low, M.S. Oey, & U. Klein

We discovered two extended X-ray sources in a ROSAT PSPC observation pointed at the H II region N9 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. These two sources are in the H II regions N4D and N9. The X-ray characteristics suggest that both might be supernova remnants (SNRs). Followup CCD images taken with interference filters show high
[S II] / H-alpha ratios in the optical nebulae of these X-ray sources, confirming the presence of high velocity shocks commonly seen in SNRs. These two sources are also detected in the radio continuum at 8.55 and 4.75 GHz; both appear nonthermal compared to nearby H II regions. The confirmation of these two SNRs demonstrates that many SNRs in or near H II regions have been overlooked in previous surveys, and that the ROSAT X-ray survey combined with an optical CCD imaging survey of the Magellanic Clouds would provide the most effective way to uncover SNRs.

1994 AJ 108, 1266

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